About Yard Genie

By using a Yard Genie, your Yard Clean Up Services saves you time, money and hours of frustration struggling with paper yard bags.

Thousands of U.S. townships require yard refuse – grass, twigs, leaves, etc. – be placed in special paper bags. These bags are biodegradable and recyclable. Unfortunately, they’re also a major hassle.

Made of paper, they don’t stay upright. Compacting refuse within them distorts the bag’s shape, causing it to fall over. Twigs and branches can easily tear or rip the bag.

All too often the user avoids these problems by not filling the bag completely. And at the current high cost of bags, that wastes money.

Only The Yard Genie Solves All The Problems

Over the years various answers have been tried. Plastic rings to keep the bag open. Reinforced paper bottoms to keep it upright. All have had limited success – until now. Meet the Yard Genie, a patented device that succeeds where others have failed.

Innovative Design Makes It Easy To Handle And Hard To Beat

The Yard Genie is a 35” tall rectangular cylinder open at each end. Made of tough and durable polymer, it is very lightweight so you can lift and move it with ease. The Yard Genie fits all standard size yard bags.

Using the Yard Genie is easy. Just flip it upside down, slide your yard bag over it, flip it back over and you’re ready to go. The device keeps the bag upright and open as you dump refuse into it. The Yard Genie’s tough plastic panels prevent twigs and sticks from poking holes in the bag. It’s unique construction also lets you add more and more refuse without lifting or shaking the bag.

When the bag is full, simply slip your hands into the cutout handles and pull the Yard Genie out of the bag. Its hollow corners allows air to flow through the device, preventing it from sticking to the bag. And its wider-at-the-bottom design lets you lift the Yard Genie with ease as refuse gently fills the space.

In just seconds you have a full bag ready for disposal. And your Yard Genie is ready for your next yard or Lawn Mowing Services and etc.

Welcome to Casa Pelicanos!

Casa Pelicanos Ixtapa is waiting for your family!

You will fall in love with this two story private home, just waiting for you. With three bedrooms and three bathrooms, a remodeled kitchen, and shady, private patio, there is room for a couple or an entire multigenerational family to enjoy your vacation. Casa Pelicanos Ixtapa is located on a quiet street in a safe, gated, typical Mexican neighborhood. You will be close to everything in this central location- it is 5 minutes from the beach and downtown Ixtapa. The owners of Casa Pelicanos have fallen in love with Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo and have been vacationing here for 18 years.  We want you to experience this wonderful place for yourself!